Google Ad Online Course


In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to get started with Google Search Ads and create successful campaigns to reach new customers and grow your business. We'll work on Google Ads, Google's online advertising platform.

You will drive qualified traffic, or best-fit customers to your business while they’re searching on Google, for products and services like the ones that you offer.

By the end of the project, you will be able:

  • Create your account on Google Ads
  • Set up the first campaign structure
  • Set up conversion tracking
  • Add relevant audience, set bids and budgets and targeting
  • Set up ad groups
  • Do effective keyword research
  • Create impactful and relevant ads
  • Navigate through the Google Ads Dashboard
  • Learn about Tools and Settings available on Google Ads
  • Optimize ad campaigns to generate conversions and be profitable
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