Email Marketing


Reach a Wide Audience with Email Marketing

We help brands use the internet and digital platforms to engage customers and achieve business goals. Email marketing is a primary tool in the digital marketing toolbelt.

Donya connects email initiatives to automation and lifecycle marketing processes to ensure that leads, advocates and customers receive timely, targeted, segmented, appropriate and helpful communications that move them deeper into the engagement process. 

Email is the secret weapon of digital marketing. While new platforms and formats get the most attention, this longtime workhorse quietly delivers impressive engagement, consistently and cost-efficiently.

From newsletters that keep customers up to date with your products/services and industry insights, to sales prospecting outreaches and triggered response messages based on user interactions, email can be a versatile, timely, trackable, and highly effective channel.

However, email marketing isn’t easy. To create compelling messages, it takes a combination of art (good copy and design) and science (savvy list building, segmentation, and testing).


Inbound Marketing is designed to attract visitors and ultimately turn them into customers who promote your company through Internet Marketing strategies. As part of an Inbound Marketing strategy, we use Email Marketing for these reasons.