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Practical SEO Course and Google Analytics Training

  • Online with live classes
  • Practical SEO Course and Google Analytics Training with Job Placement

This Search Engine Optimization SEO course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques that you need to improve how your website ranks with the major search engines. By the end of our Introduction to Search Engine Optimization SEO course you’ll be having skills to following learning methods:

Describe how search engines work including key Google algorithm changes
Describe the importance of onsite SEO and best practice for optimizing page content
Conduct keyword research and complete competitor analysis
Recognize the importance of link building and off-site optimization for SEO
Measure the progress of an SEO campaign effectively

Delivery Method: Classroom & Online (Both options available)

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Today Search Engine Optimization requires knowing which keywords to put the emphasis on by researching and analysing, writing long content, building webpages, knowing how to use paid ads, getting clicks on the search results page, and using keywords, although Google now takes a contextual rather than literal approach to keyword usage on the part of the searcher.

For all the above-mentioned reasons, Search Engine Optimization is something that should be learned through a formal means like a certification program rather than on the job.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is of important due to the following reasons:
Gives you the skills you need to improve your Digital Marketing.
Tells you how you would boost your credibility.
Search Engine Optimization assists you to earn more high-quality traffic to your website. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers hyper-targeted tools.
Search Engine Optimization targets every stage of your buying funnel
Search Engine Optimization generates more leads, sales, and market share for your business
Essential Elements of Search Engine Optimization

Essential Elements and Skills of Search Engine Optimization:

Learn About Keywords
Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
Check The URL Structure
Enable Breadcrumbs
Gather Backlinks
Search Engine Optimization Content Plan in 10 Steps

Background about search engines optimization.
The importance of Search Engine Optimization for any website
Keyword Research Techniques and Tools.
Writing great Title and Meta Tags.
Developing Great Content.
How to build high quality Links to your site.
The Power of Blogging.
Understanding Local Search.
Google Day (Proper use of AdWords, Analytics,
Webmaster Tools, Google+)
Why Search Engine Optimization training is important?

An Search Engine Optimization course is usually a certified program that allows you to study and dive into one or many aspects of Search Engine Optimization.
An Search Engine Optimization certification is usually an additional educational experience you can enjoy after having gone through some Search Engine Optimization courses.
Search Engine Optimization certifications usually offer advanced Search Engine Optimization training and help learners become experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
By efficiently developing their skills so as to improve search engine rankings, increase overall website traffic, or even optimize for specific, targeted keywords.
Why Donya Marketing agency ?

KBM Media Solutions are experts in preparing the candidates in Digital Media Experts.

Our strong links with the top employers make it easier for us to place our candidates into apprenticeship straight after the training.

1 – 1 Training sessions with Professional Digital Skills Experts
High Quality Practical Hands-on Training
Guaranteed Work Placements
Professional CV Writing Support
Interview Preparation
Regular performance reviews to identify learning gaps
Regular job market awareness sessions
Reference to employers
Hands on training using various software, practices, exercises and case studies
100% Practical Training on real marketing campaigns
Multiple locations
We stay in touch with you, post the training, and support your progression and career growth with guidance and references as required
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Who is this course for?
Search Engine Optimization are suitable for individuals looking to pursue a career in Search Engine Optimization & Web Development.

Search Engine Optimization Training has no entry requirements.

Career path
Upon successful completion of Search Engine Optimization Training candidates can apply for following jobs.

Content Marketing.
Keyword Research.
Link Building.
Community Building.
Technical SEO.
Strategic SEO.
Local SEO.
User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization.

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